The sales team at Connected Magazine talks a lot, other than that we let the advertising do the talking.The Owner of Connected has twenty years of experience in the advertising Industry, backing her up is a young and vibrant creative and marketing team.We are a publishing company delivering a hard copy as well as an online magazine to the public for free. Distributing about 40 000 hard copies all over  Cape Town maintaining that number for two months per edition. We do not beleive in once off, we maintain distribution, That is what makes us your number one choice. The number is growing thanks to you. You will not find more passion for advertising than the connected family.


Convinience is key. Letting the advertising do the hard work for you, when joining the connected family you can let go of your everyday pressure of getting clientel. We aim to get your business as much exposure as possibile and make the search for your services that much easier.

We at connected strive to deliver outstanding service to our advertisers and readers. As we are all about people, we are driven to improve and would like to hear your feedback below.


We connect companies with a loyal clientel wether it be with an A5 hard copy or an online search. Connected came to mind as we wanted to obtain a name that describes the company the best. To those wondering why connected? We are a publishing company that produces a lifestyle orientated magazine. Knowing that over the years the advertising industry changed a lot the owner wanted a hard copy magazine and she got her way, then the younger creative and marketing team introduced a digital copy into the already successful magazine. Which is going all over Cape Town. With the aim to expand.



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